Yumi’s Cells: A warning to love yourself

#8 you are the most important person in your life

Yumi and her cell (picture from tving official Instagram)

Yumi’s Cells is a Korean Drama adapted from a webtoon with the same title. The webtoon has ended with 511 episodes and the drama is planned will be released in 3 seasons.

Yumi’s Cells is a story about Yumi and her brain cells. The drama is focused on Yumi’s love journey. In the drama Yumi’s cells are depicted in a cute animation, so the drama is a combination of a live-action from the actors and animation of brain cells. It is very refreshing.

The cells are pictured as a community of cells villagers living in a cell village. The cells work as Yumi’s mind, similar to the voice that you heard when you were thinking and they have their characteristics such as the hunger cell which recognizes good food, the love cell as the main cell, and the naughty cell which sometimes becomes a pervert, the rational cell which keeps Yumi’s mind on the right track, the emotional cell which always opposes the rational cell, and many more.

Love cell, Hunger cell, Rational cell, and Emotional cell (picture from tving official Instagram)

Season 1 and season 2 are open with a broken heart Yumi. Yumi (Kim Go-Eun) is a 32 years old career woman who lives alone. She is busy with her daily and did not realize her empty heart because of her failed relationship in the past. One day, she starts seeing someone and the cell village being busy. They try to do whatever to make Yumi’s love come true, help Yumi with shopping, make-up, diet, controlling emotions in front of others, and many more. When the plan is successful the villager holds a celebration and when the plan is failed they get busy consoling Yumi.

Yumi’s Cells shows many common occurrences in our lives. For instance, when Yumi is hungry, she can’t work properly, because the hunger cell makes a commotion in the cell village and ruins other cell work. When Yumi tries to write, which is her old hobby, the writing cell wakes up from the cell’s grave and works onerously. It relates to us who haven’t done a certain job in a long time and try to do it again, right?

When Yumi wants to appreciate her good works by passionately shopping or going on travel and then realizes she run out a lot of her savings, the cell villagers will hold a court to punish the shopping cell and the travel cell. Yes! They did it for Yumi. It happens to us as well, when we realize that we were overspending, then we try hard to rein ourselves in.

When Yumi sees someone, the one she fell in love with will be the main target of the cell villagers. The hunger cell will assess his food taste, the detective cell who always suspects him, the naughty cell tries to seduce him, the fashion cell busy make Yumi look stunning, and the rational cell who keeps reasonably. They work hard until he became the villager’s favorite. Otherwise, when Yumi gets hurt, the villagers will be busy protecting her. Like when Yumi is stressed, the hunger cell craves something spicy then the villagers hold an endorphin party.

I think the biggest message from Yumi’s Cells is to love ourselves first. Because, no matter hard life is, someone who can be always you hold on to is only yourself. By depicting Yumi’s brain cells as something that can talk and interact with each other, it shows that actually, our body has a certain mechanism to defend every emotion and feeling in every situation. They work together, so we can release a proper reaction.

The critical point is the cells are always there for Yumi.

When Yumi lost her motivation. when Yumi is happy; when Yumi falls in love; when Yumi tries a new thing; when Yumi needs a consolation; when Yumi needs to save her money; when Yumi needs to be more cautious; whenever and no matter what the cells will save her.

Yumi’s cells (picture from tving official Instagram)

Why self-love is important?

I know self-love terms when BTS released the “Love Yourself 結 ‘Answer’” album, then Love Yourself champagne become so loud on the internet. I think that is good because many people at the time only know how to work, work, and work, not how to appreciate the work itself or release stress then they got a burn-out.

In my opinion, self-love refers to accepting us in a good way physically and mentally. Accepting our feelings, emotions, weaknesses, failure, and flaws. Self-love means prioritizing yourself, being good to yourself, and taking care of what you need physically and mentally. Self-love does not mean to us being selfish then harmful around us.

There are many things we can do to love ourselves, such as staying healthy, taking breaks from work, giving space to do a hobby, forgiving ourselves when we make mistakes, creating a good environment, and so on. By loving ourselves we can grow up better than before, we can develop being someone who is more productive, mindful, positive, and live life to the fullest. We can also develop good self-care habits to live a healthy lifestyle.

And personally, my best way to love myself better is to set up my mindset. I always plant in my mind that everything I do is because of me, why I good to other people is because of me; because I want to feel relieved and to vanish my guilty.

So, Yumi’s Cells make me contemplate that I’m precious, I’m the most careful of myself.

Like Yumi’s cells which always prioritize Yumi’s happiness, I realize that our body is the best supporting system, each cell of our body is precious.

Thank you for reading

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