Welcome, June!!!


The first of June in 2022 began with a long rainy night that brought frigid air into every room of my house. Under the blanket, I remember a dialogue in a webcomic that I read

“Memories made in the rain last a long time”

Then I remember something I made on a rainy day. I was often getting rained when I went home from junior high school or got trapped at school until night because of waiting for the rain to stop. Those were a lot of fun until I discovered I needed to dry my uniform all night or I’d get sick. I despise rain because it develops a puddle that I can’t get through or makes me worry, “When will my clothes dry?”, more extreme is rain also can wreck my plans.
Well, rain is grace. Many people waiting for the rain. To watery their plants, to enjoy the petrichor, to hear the good sound it makes, or just to hide their tears. Even in Islam one of the most efficacious times for pray is when it rains. But what I’ve done last night is pulled my blanket tightly and slept after finishing a bowl of indomie. :)

I’d strongly believe that rain on the first of this month sign that it is a lucky month. It’s gonna be good to try something new. BUT, still, it all are depending on us, and how we through it.

Because it’s been a long time since I’ve written a single word. While inhaling fresh air on the first of June, I’m hoping that by writing, I’ll be able to better communicate my feelings and make my brain work harder. Sometimes ideas pop out one by one but I don’t know how to execute them. So, let’s see what will I do with this soon-to-be worn-out account.
Yes!!! Let’s work hard this June!!!!



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