#2 my routine morning fight

Photo by Pouyan Nahed on Unsplash

You are the greedy ones.
Your graciousness forced me to rise up
Honestly, I don’t know what I’ve to say to you
Sometimes I just pass you and get on my own business.
Sometimes I lowkey wanted to see you. I wanted to see how you dimmed the rose-pink light of dawn become reddish yellow with shades of blue sky
Sometimes you just peek behind the crowded cloud, might be you just feel guilty to wake the tired ones up from blinking their eyes
Sometimes you popped up on the clear blue sky
You just gallantly appear to those who are persistent in their struggle for life with smooth warmness
An early bird
They greet you with their victorious smile, passionately yelling for the start of a great day
I fight with you every morning
My stiff body rejected the warmness that passes through my curtain
Poorly my alarm asks me to turn it off
There’s no other choice except surrender to this damn emotional morning.
Started the day and see you mocking at my with your silly smile showing who was winning the early game



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