6 Things I Discovered After Reading Webtoon

#4 — the more that I read, the less I know

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Someday I read the news on Instagram that a webtoon or manhwa (Korean online comic) will be adapted to a drama. A romance webtoon, named Positively Yours. Then I go to the comment section and someone wrote that it had just been completed.
Then I read it on a whim.
After finishing Positively Yours, I found that reading webtoon is so interesting. I feel like the author is invited us to the main character’s world. We’re not only seeing a bunch of amazing pictures with dialogue but the author also portrays what the heart’s characters saying and a lot of exact expressions.

Do I stop by reading Positively Yours? Without a doubt!!

Furthermore, I learn about any kind of webtoon genres, installing and comparing some reading webtoon applications, listening to their original soundtracks, and sharing with my friends who have more experience reading webtoon.

I’m going with Girlfriend: Spin-Off Drama Encounter on Kakaopage, and I read mostly webtoon on Line Webtoon (English and Bahasa version) some of them are Must Be A Happy Ending, Perfect Marriage Revenge, To Love Your Enemy, Shadow Bride, A Summer Night’s Dreams, Do As I Say!, See You in My 19th Life, Cinderella at 2 a.m, A Good Day to be a Dog, The Forbidden Marriage, and many more.

Mostly those are ongoing webtoons also romance and a slice of life genre, some are historical genre, that’s because I don’t dare to see something terrifying like a ghost, in thriller and horror genres.

Accordingly to my short experience in the reading webtoon, I try to collect what points do I get through it.

1. Having Fun

This is the most logical reason for reading a webtoon. Exactly for amusement. The beautiful art, new story ideas, pretty characters that we can only see on webtoons and not in real life, the relationship between the characters that can burn the reader’s heart and get butterflies in their eyes, and most importantly, self-reward for doing well. Some authors enjoy inserting comedic or cute versions of the characters or movie parodies. So, occasionally, sorrowful events were not at all sad. It’s like when your tears fall out and then instantly return because you burst out laughing. To be very honest, I often roll on the bed during reading because I’m getting so excited.

2. Related to real life

In most cases on webtoon is according to real life. Such as love relationships, college lives, work lives, school lives, daily lives, and many more from various points of view. For instance, I just read a chapter with a bullying scene on Cinderella at 2 a.m. Most bullying cases result in punishment for the bullies, but in that webtoon, the bullies’ friends also received punishment because they are capable of stopping the bullying but chose to remain silent rather than save the victims. They had no idea that ignoring someone in need of assistance could result in trauma for the victim as well.

3. Presenting various life values

The more cases presented, the higher the values we can achieve. In either case, directly or indirectly. We can summarize and reflect on what we would do if we were in the situation, how we would solve the problem, and how we would manage ourselves if we were the characters. Could we live with the character’s choices? Or do we have our own thing to think about?
In addition, not a few characters are figured out as a human with a dark past or survive with trauma or mental health. Some of them chose different ways to live the day. Trying to cope with their trauma, overlook it, or just wait until the time healing them. As a reader, I try to be in their position, how if I have the kind of problem, did I will do the same? Or we will try other options?

4. Learn So Many New Thing

This is the most significant effect for me. I have got many insightful from various professions, backgrounds, and upbringing through the characters. For instance, Gentle HIPster tells about the sportswear business run by an innovative and super persistent CEO. How she realize her ideas, how she courage with her breakthrough, how she makes decisions, how to be the fully responsible boss, her business strategy, and many more. Maybe I will never learn or even have slightly thought about business, but I end up learning through it.
Again, The Forbidden Marriage tells the story of a seven-year marriage ban during the Joseon era. It had a significant impact on the folks. Many people are unemployed, poverty is increasing, women are kidnapped, robbery is rampant, and there are some mental health issues. It was all because the King established the policy based on his personal feelings rather than what the people required. Throughout it, we can learn that making an injudicious policy resulting huge damage to people around us. As a policymaker, we should calm down, be full of consideration, and reckon the future prediction.

5. Feels thrilling

Personally, long-waited for a new chapter on webtoon is more suffocating to me than waiting for a new episode of a k-drama. Because a chapter on a webtoon is only as a few minutes on a k-drama. We waited for a week and only read a chapter in less than three minutes. That’s why reading one chapter in a week feels like manifesting curiosity in the story.
In addition, the plot of the story is always being the most exciting part during reading a webtoon. Moreover, some readers (included me) are encouraged to read the raw version on the original website, usually in the Korean version, to obtain spoilers about the storyline afterward.

6. Considerate with health-life

I believe this is because I frequently sit for extended periods and, at night, I let my eyes radiate by the screen of my laptop or phone. Then I can’t see directly into the sun as I used to. I should close my eyes a little longer in order to see everything clearly. Then there’s my back, which hurts a little if I lay down straight after sitting and takes some time to heal.
So I decided to be more considerate with my body, particularly my eyes and my back. Because poor habits are harmful to one’s health.

If you were out of ideas and do not know what have to do. I highly recommended trying to read a webtoon. You can read it while eating or when you lay your back and stare at the ceilings.

Thank you for reading, have a nice day:)))))))



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